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28/06/2012 / katnewman

From the ashes of disaster! – 08.02.12

Oh dear, not a good start this week …

This is what happens when you shake a pot of bead release without checking the lid is on properly! It’s a watered down clay, of a milky consistency and gets everywhere when in flight! This little lot took me a good couple of hours to clean up, the ice-cube trays contained murrini in nice little colour co-ordinated piles – now in a big multicoloured heap waiting to be re-sorted. It also went up the wall and all over the floor! This stuff, when dry, contains some pretty nasty stuff so it was a pretty stoopid thing to do really. Lol, oh well, it was time for a tidy-up!


So – as I say, from the Ashes of Disaster – Grow the roses of success! I’ve been working on my sculptural for the last couple of months, doing goddess beads etc and have had a fairly high failure rate due to thermal shock (which makes the glass crack). Monday’s beads I managed 3 successful beads out of 7. On disaster day, all 4 ladies survived – yay!!

Now – Goddess beads – for anyone who isn’t comfortable with the female form in all it’s veluptuous glory, please stop reading – boob alert!

Number one is inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle, number two is a gorgeous green colour, etched for that matte surfaced look. Number 3, deep cobalt blue with some very subtle decoration around the legs which aren’t totally visible in this picture. Number 4 is my absolute triumph, deep teal green, with some frit added but not too much, and then wrapped in fine silver leaf which is melted on and gives her this sort of antiquey look..

And the backs…

I can’t tell you how proud of these I am! I’ll be putting more photos onto facebook shortly, and listing these ladies on Etsy.


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