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28/06/2012 / katnewman

New glass to play with 20.06.11

Last week I took delivery of some new colours to play with. I was interested to see how turquoise blue and chocolate brown would look so I had me some of that, plus I bought a gorgeous purple colour called Thai Orchid. I also got me some new tools to play with, mashers, mini mashers and a razor tool – the mashers squish the bead into a lentil so that I can make focal beads, and the razor tool because my knife is just at the wrong angle for alot of the things I want to make as I discovered when I made my first free-form heart the other day.

So, as the weather was pretty naff I didn’t really get to photograph much so I got busy at the torch. I’ve now got a pretty massive set of turquoise, brown and cream beads which I’m pleased with, and the purple glass came out well, slumped and mixed in with some complementing colours.

I had had a mojo vacation earlier in the week too, so just played and experimented with colour. One experiment (dark amber and turquoise) didn’t go so well, but I’m pleased with the other set which is lapis blue and yellow.

I also took delivery of some silver wire to wrap around my beads, and have made a couple for a commission for a friend who wants dark red and silver to go either side of her troll-bead dragon which will be a stunning effect I think. Hopefully she likes them! I also tried the silver round the new purple, and I think I might have discovered by accident that the purple is a reducing colour (goes silvery in a propane rich flame) but I’ll play more with that this week.

Am also starting to miss silversmithing a little bit, so I expect I’ll be back at the bench before long.

I’ve listed three new sets this week. One is Mint Creme, really subtle light green and ivory – really like this set. There was a matching focal but it didn’t survive the postal system unfortunately.

Second set is the best of my sugar-frit session – gorgeous bright colours all caked in ‘sugar’ and looking good enough to eat (dont’ though!!!)

Third set is just divine. Violet metallics, I’ve called it. It’s a base of effetre black with violet pixie dust on the surface. Scrummy! Nearly didn’t make it to the shop!!

Well, the torch calls and I must be away đŸ™‚ Will let you know if the Thai Orchid does strike afterall.


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