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28/06/2012 / katnewman

New Tricks – 25.01.12

Happy New Year, folks,

Yeah I know it’s a bit late into January for that but I’m still not used to blogging, soz

So – Jaunary for me is always a bit of a ‘play’ month, try new things, techniques etc. I managed to make some not too shabby murrini – these are additions that you add to beads, you make a big ol’ stick of rock type thing with glass and then get it hot and stretch it out, so that when you cut off little slices you have a pretty pattern.

Here’s the first few, added to shank buttons

Then I had a go at something I’ve wanted to do for ages – Goddess beads. These are basically nudy ladies and celebrate the female form in it’s wondrous lumpy and bumpy glory. Nudes aren’t for everyone, but I succeeded in making two decent ones and am inspired to go on and try different techniques and designs, so look out for more soon! It’s been a couple of weeks since I made these so I’ve had plenty of time to draw more designs and ideas.

Here’s my second goddess, for some reason the first won’t upload

My creational journey is always better followed via my facebook page, up to the minute photos and updates tend to go there so if you’re interested in following me, look me up here on facebook – and click ‘like’

What’s next? More goddess beads, obviously – and well, there’s a special day coming up soon so perhaps some hearts!


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