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28/06/2012 / katnewman

Now THAT’s how to do a proper Craft Fair! – 25.1.12

Many thanks to Julie of Lush Lampwork for this info. She was asked to sign this when signing up to a craft market and has shared. So refreshing!

So many of us turn up to these events that pertain to be ‘Craft’ markets, only to be faced with imported stuff, products that are either low quality, mass-produced goods, party-plan sellers trying to offload stock or just things that could have been put together by my cat! It makes for a rather wasted day when you’re selling hand crafted quality one of a kind goods amongst cheap, chucked together cr*p – not that that stuff doesn’t have it’s place, of course. If only more organisers did this:


“Arts Market declaration
The Arts Markets that we run are intended to be for artists and designer-makers only.
We want the work you sell to be unique, original and made by you. Examples of what we mean are:
Paintings composed and painted by you. Ceramics formed and fired by you. Jewellery cast and finished by you. We expect there to be a skilled transformation of raw materials at the heart of what you are offering.
We accept that there may be other components that you buy in to complete your work – but these must be subsidiary to the central offering of something uniquely made by you. Examples of subsidiary components that are acceptable:
Findings for earrings Patterned material used in a clothing design A photograph frame We don’t want to have work at the Arts Market that has not been transformed by your skills and where the primary content is not made by you. Examples of work that would not be acceptable:
Bought in components that are arranged by you. Items made by others and then decorated by you. We are happy to discuss individual cases and will endeavour to apply the description outlined here to decisions about the suitability of work.”

As one response said to this, perhaps we crafters should make the organisers sign something similar lol.


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