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28/06/2012 / katnewman

Poppers! Interchangeable Lampworked press-studs to be exact

Well we’ve all heard of the last craze to come out of Europe – it involves beads with bog holes that go on thick silver bracelets and are made by the likes of ‘Pandora’ and ‘Troll’ to name but a few – and of course the OneofaKind artisan beads made by lampworkers such as myself ūüėČ

Well boys and girls, today I’m going to tell you about the next one! Poppers. A large (17mm diameter) press stud. One half can be sewn/riveted/attached in some way to pretty much anything you can think of – belts, bracelets, clothing and some clever smiffs have been devising other ways to use them ie with a single pendant etc.

We/I (us lampworkers) make a¬† small round cabochon – that’s a flat backed¬†bead type¬†thingumy – and when it’s all annealed and cleaned etc we glue it to the popper. I know some of you are going to ask – I use a nice 2 part epoxy, messy stuff, stinks to high heaven, but it does the job!

So now all there is for you to do is to collect, and wear according to your outfit/mood/whim!

There are many styles of wearing these but I will show you the bracelet first of all.

The bracelets also come in all different styles and sizes and thicknesses, these ones are fairly chunky and totally appeal to my inner ‘goth’ lol.

This lady has made pendants to wear them with Рcheck out her shop after Saturday 30th


I’m going to be putting the¬†pops that are shown in the first picture, in my shop. I’ll also organise some bracelets although there’s a longer lead time with those, and I’ll be back with other options for you anytime I see them.


For the crafty among us – I know we have a few needleworkers amongst my customers – if you want the female half of the poppers too just send me a message and I’ll be happy to include one in your package – they have the usual 4 little holes around the edge for sewing onto things.


No doubt I’ll be back with more options very soon, it’s all very new and exciting so watch this space! – for anyone not familiar with my shop yet, it’s found here:¬†Happy popping!


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