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10/07/2012 / katnewman


I’ve always loved macrame – it’s just never been cool before now! There’s a jewellery style now using beads and shiny things and cord that has been picked up by large and small jewellers and it’s popular – at last!

So, not being one for following the crowd, and because it was an easy way to express my core beliefs, I came up with a design not so long ago that incorporated a small goddess and an affirmation. My lampworking love at the moment is with the sculptural side of things, and I love making goddesses and although I miss putting little buttocks on (I make them flat so that they sit better) these have been immensley popular!

Then, following a conversation with a friend who wanted one for her little girl but didn’t feel that goddesses were appropriate, I came up with an extension to the range to include hearts and flowers – and am developing more and more bead ideas as we speak! They then really took off as they are accessible then to anyone who is not into goddesses.

So, the concept behind these bracelets is simple. It’s a reminder to love yourself, to love others – to believe in yourself and others, to allow yourself to be you and be the bestest, kindest person you can possibly be. (They are also obviously meant to be pretty and colourful and easy to wear!!). It’s not so simple, I know – outside forces always seem to strive to knock you off your perch, but you have a choice whether to let that define you, or whether to find something positive to focus on. I hope that the wearers of my bracelets that have been made with love can look down at them and just smile!

I’ve also started using hemp cord. It’s more eco friendly than cotton, and comes in quite a lovely array of colours. It has a more ‘rope’ effect texture to it rather than the sleekness of the waxed cotton but I like it. I hope to be able to offer more colours of hemp soon.

I am eternally grateful to my customers who show me so much support – which in turn allows me to continue to do what I love doing and I hope that these bracelets will always be a core product from the BBK studio and will bring many more smiles to many more people!


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