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25/09/2012 / katnewman

Knobs knobs knobs!

Drawer knobs of course! Gotcha tho 😉
So – this week I jumped on the ol’ lampworked door/drawer knob wagon. I was curious to see how easy they would be especially as there are special rollers in existence but I’d read that it was just as possible to make them without.
This is more of a note to my fellow lampworkers in case anyone else feels like giving it a go, heres how I did them. but of course if you would like to buy one or would like to know more, you can see what I’m up to on Facebook:!/katnewmanjewellery or just drop me a line on


Threaded rods, threaded sleeves, and cabinet screws to attach the finished knobs to your furniture of choice. Available from a number of places.

So you start off with threaded rods which I dipped in a bit of bead release before screwing into the sleeves. I read that you should do this, havent tried without but having welded the topper nuts to mandrels in the past it sounded like a sensible idea!
And now we melt! The sleeves took a bit of heating to get the melted glass to stick but always cautious of not welding the metal! Slowly and carefully I managed to cover the sleeve neatly – with the help on occasion from Julie HB’s marvellous bead spanner to neaten up the bottom.
Once I was happy with that, I built a disc on the end about 5mm tall from the tube and then slowly melt and tip so that the glass caves in over the edge and forms a blob. If you are lucky or careful or a mix of the two it should make a nice neat ball on the end. Neaten up with marver and doming block etc if not. If you want a bigger ball just add more glass around the outside and melt in. Decorate, and bung it in the kiln!

Here are my first ones, am rather pleased with them!!



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  1. Jolene / Sep 26 2012 7:25 am

    Fab read, lovely knobs 😀

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