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13/11/2012 / katnewman

Happy World Kindness Day

Everyone, meet Jaxon! He is modelling his Team Jaxon Frog bracelet for you 🙂

He’s 5 years old, and he has had a brain tumour since he was 3 1/2 years old and he is one of the kindest people I know in the world today. All he wants is to make other children with cancer happy. His parents, who could easily have lost the plot in these circumstances, work tirelessly raising funds to carry out Jaxon’s wishes and do it with such strength and love they are a shining example of kindness to the world.

I would also like to mention some other organisations that are involved with kindness here – firstly the Pay it Forward foundation. Charley Johnson and his amazing team, including my very amazing friend Toni Brodelle are working hard to spread the word – do something kind for someone today, and don’t expect anything back – ask them to pay it forward to someone else. You can read more about them and get involved here.

Life Vest Inside is an organization geared towards spreading kindness and goodwill through the distribution of Acts of Kindness cards, inspirational media, and a newly developed educational program.

The Postitive Newspaper Group believe that when one reads positive news your mind frame and thought start to move to the direction of positive thoughts.

The Basket Brigade is a global event which feeds approximately 3 million people worldwide around Christmas time, and has been going for around 30 years. The recipients of the baskets are people like you and me, who just happen to be in a place at the moment, where they have been dealt a very difficult hand. This is the link to the London Basket Brigade for this year.

So many to name, but I will stop right there. If you want to know about more initiatives going on, just drop me a line.

So – happy World Kindness Day everyone! If you’re still with me, you’re in for a treat because I’m going to give you details of how you can win one of my ever popular Kindness bracelets!

All it takes is a little mind-shift. Random acts of kindness don’t have to involve large sums of money or hours of your time, if you can’t spare it. It’s opening a door for someone, letting someone out in traffic, pay for the coffee of the stranger behind you, top up a parking meter, ask someone how they are and actually listen to the answer – be present and hear about someone’s day/life etc. If you see someone walking down the street it’s so easy to find something to poke at, even if it’s just in your head – change your mindset – instead of passing judgement on their shape/size/colour/dress-sense actually look at them as a person and find something positive to say about them – even if it is in your head, but better yet tell them if you can! We can change the world one mind at a time, it just starts with you!

So, I want to set you a challenge. For the next week, I want you to actively do something kind that you wouldn’t normally do – be it big or small – and come back and tell me about it here (leave a comment). I will pick a winner using the random number generator as per usual next Tuesday at 4pm UK time and the winner will receive one of my kindness affirmation bracelets. I can’t say which one or which colour yet, I am going to make it especially, according to the energies from the winner’s post – so a custom made affirmation bracelet is the prize!

You get back ten-fold what you give out, so get out there and get luvvin!

Kat x



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  1. amy / Nov 13 2012 1:49 pm

    I’m not looking for a bracelet, i am just hoping to inspire others to be kind. I had cards printed with a Pay It Forward message saying “You are a link in the chain of love… Don’t let it end with you. Please repay this act of kindness by doing something kind for someone else”. I am going to be distributing all 250 cards, starting today, sharing some with my Facebook group and doing as many acts of kindness as i can, passing out cards along the way to spread the movement. In total, the cards cost $6.33 (US) ~ a very small price to pay when you consider how 250 acts of kindness repay any monetary output. Thanks for sharing Jaxon’s story, and for offering to share your beautiful bracelets. 🙂

    • katnewman / Nov 13 2012 1:51 pm

      Awesome Amy, thankyou for sharing x

  2. Laney Mead (@LaneysIzzybeads) / Nov 13 2012 6:15 pm

    What a humbling experience reading about Jaxon. I too think it costs nothing to give a little kindness and do try to do my bit every day, whether it is letting out the traffic, chatting to the old lady at the craft fair who was there for the company (bless her she was a darlin’) something small brightens up someones day! Lovely read Tinks. Lx

  3. Georgie Bristow (@FlamingBeads) / Nov 14 2012 7:39 am

    Kat, that’s such a lovely read!!…kindness costs nothing and more people should try it!..;o)x


  1. In honour of Jaxon Davis |

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