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03/12/2012 / katnewman

‘Meet my Friends’

Well it’s December now, so I’m officially allowed to use the word ‘Christmas’!

Have you started your shopping yet? I’m about halfway through. I like, where humanly possible to get gifts that are original and special – something the recipient would not necessarily get for themselves but something that is right up their street!

I also like where possible to support independant crafters. Buying from them means you are investing in a piece of art, that has been made by hand, with love – is unique and one of a kind – and in doing so you are literally putting food on their tables, roofs over their heads and I guarantee, smiles on their faces – rather than just bumping up the fatcat large department store profits.

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to some of my crafty artisan friends, in the hope that someone has created something just perfect for those gifts you had in mind!

It’s worth noting, most of us artisans are happy to take commissions. That’s to say that if you like something, or a person’s style it’s worth talking to them if you want something a bit same but different, or if you have a new idea. Message them, convo them through their etsy shop, have a conversation and see if your wish can be accommodated.  Don’t leave it till the last minute though, we don’t all have the benefit of little elves helping out in our worksops ;0)


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