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25/02/2013 / katnewman

For the love of Harry – the trials of having a diabetic cat

Ok anyone who has followed me for a bit on Facebook will be acquainted with Mr Harrison Fur.


He is just coming up to his 14th birthday and I have had him since he was 11 weeks old and he’s my boy 🙂 In the absence of any children in the household he’s pretty much mama’s boy, daddy’s boy and king of the castle and all he surveys!

Tail end of last year he started going downhill, and the sudden massive consumption of water suggested kidney problems, which as he suffers from UTI’s occasionally was not a surprise but was rather devastating. My relief then, to be told its diabetes instead, was massive – however had I known of the commitment this meant at the time I would have been slightly more daunted!

We’ve got a handle on it for now, although it seems to be an ever moving target, and most things I had to learn ‘on the fly’ and from trial, error and much research so I thought perhaps to pop it down in a blog would be a good idea and might perhaps be useful to someone some day and might eliminate some grey hairs and unfortunate accidents with needles etc!

So I will be putting up a series of blog posts, based on my personal experience – and I do have to iterate here that I am in no way qualified as a vet so it is purely a personal perspective here, not professional! I just know that I would have been grateful even for just half the stuff I have picked up on my diabetic cat journey!

So, that’s the intro and the first post done, turra from me and miaow from Harry aka Fuzzbut!


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