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11/09/2013 / katnewman

The Artisan, and the scary minefield that is Marketing

Here’s the dream: you make something, bung it on the internet with a little description, and it’s snapped up by a buyer. Sounds good doesn’t it!

In reality, despite the quality or desirability of your work, nothing much happens without a good dose of marketing, branding and general tarting yourself about and many of us artisans find this highly uncomfortable!

Like most artisans I am fairly shy and retiring by nature, although in the right circumstances you’d be forgiven for questioning that statement of me! But I’m not afraid to hold a conversation with strangers, or talk about myself or what I do if somebody shows an interest – so why is it so hard to get the marketing right? Fear of something, judgement, criticism, whatever it is seems to get in our way.

I’ve been taking part in the Etsy team mentoring this month, with members of my Craft Pimp team and its been an absolute revelation so far. If you are part of an Etsy team I fully recommend taking part.

My first task was to revise some of my photographs, some were dark, out of focus or I just hadn’t ‘cut’ the image in close enough.

Then came the revision of some of my listings, rewording, revising some of the keywords etc to make them more searchable.

This week, we are concentrating on social media etc which is more tricky for me but I’m getting to grips with pinterest (knjewellery, if you want to follow me!) and will perhaps try and get my head round tumble and Google+ Watch this space!


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