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10/10/2013 / katnewman

Talkative Thursday

So here we are again, talkative Thursday! The idea is to tell you about myself, so I’ll be telling you all about my work and my influences, and little insights into my personal life if I think that helps illustrate my creative process!

I’ve always made jewellery. As a little girl I’d be making up these big, bright affairs with the beads I had – they were all plastic and very loud! Then in my teens the Janet Coles catalogue came out, with gorgeous beads that she’d sourced from all over, and you could buy just the beads or the whole kit to make up. I didn’t generally have enough money for the kits but I did get the odd bead. I still get that fluttery feeling when I think about leafing through that glorious book! I used to store all my beads in the empty camera film tubs you used to get – you know, before they invented digital cameras, don’t I feel old!

Fast forward a great many years, still making jewellery and doing a whole host of other crafts, I’m shaking a shoe-box sized Christmas present under the tree. Hubby in his desperation to find something for my Christmas present had gone out on a limb and bought me a new ‘craft kit’ to try. I was expecting some of those wheelie shoes – how cool would they have been?! – but on opening the parcel I find a saw and hammer and files!! I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, more scared of what on earth I do with these things! I made a little pendant with the silver he had bought me, but really I was uncomfortable winging it – so eventually in 2005 I began a silversmithing night school. After 3 years I’d learned pretty much all the tutor had to offer me, and then began studying in earnest for myself all the techniques I could. The internet is a wonderful thing!!

This was my exam piece for my first year.
1st Year Silver Project

My favourite thing to do was stone and gem setting, it can be very fiddly and itty bitty but so worthwhile when you’d finished. Unfortunately my hands became a little too arthritic to be able to do the smaller gems properly.

In 2011 I discovered Lampworking. I was writing tutorial projects for a magazine and had joined some forums to keep up with things and had made some lovely friends and one of them had started playing with glass. I had no idea people could do this and I followed with a keen interest. I didn’t feel that this was something I would be good at so I never thought to try it.

One day, the Universe in it’s own special way, prompted me to at least try it, so I booked a lesson. Turns out that I wasn’t so bad afterall!

My first beads
My First Beads



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  1. Michelle aka shellsinthebush / Oct 12 2013 2:31 am

    Beautiful work, thanks for joining in on BlogtoberFest 2013.

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