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24/10/2013 / katnewman

Feline Diabetes update

Bet you’ve been wondering how little Harry has been doing?

Well its been a good 10 months of trying to get him back to a decent weight after his tummy troubles but we’re pretty much there. A very important lesson has been learned, when you have a diabetic pet and you or any of your clothing or stuff comes into contact with another sick animal, you need to wash or disinfect everything so as you don’t pass it on! Even now, after playing with other people’s pets I come home and wash my hands immediately before going anywhere near Harry. Just not worth it.

Before he came down with diabetes he was 6.2kg. Then when the diabetes hit he dropped to 5.4kg which was a more acceptable weight according to the vet. After the tummy bug he dropped to under 3kg, he was a bag of bones and I really did have a crisis of conscience as to whether he had quality of life, but I am assured that he did, he has lots of love and is spoiled as he’s our ‘only child’ and he’s back healthy again. I really didn’t think he would see this year out!

So now he has kind of levelled out at just under 4.5kg. I would like him to put on a bit more to be honest, I can still feel far too many bones for my liking but he looks so healthy and lovely I’m just going to carry on for now.

One thing that became really glaringly obvious after a while, is that without the bulk, he was much more susceptible to erratic swings with his blood sugar levels. He would dip in the middle of the day and you can see he’s going hypo because his little head starts nodding and twitching. We had another hyper-drooling session too, on my duvet and through to the mattress – yuk!

So – my 2 problems were blood sugar levels dropping and needing to feed him up, it was clear that more food was required!! So with the approval of our lovely vet, Malcom, I started giving him 1/2 a sachet at lunchtime. It’s possible for us, because I monitor his blood sugar levels so closely otherwise the vet wouldn’t have been too keen on this idea. So he’s now on 4.5 sachets a day, greedy monkey, and we’re doing very well thank you! I give him a little extra insulin in the morning because I know the lunchtime feed will combat any dips during the day (ps – automatic timed feeder is a godsend, I’d have no life otherwise!!) I know he’s digesting all the food properly now as the ‘waste’ amount has lessened so hopefully we’ll coast along for a little while longer.

I’ve treated him to a little catnip luxury mouse today, he’s very posh indeed with his gold nose, tummy, ears and tail! Harry likes the mice that have the punky hairstyle so this one was puurrrrfect 🙂

Harry (and mousey) sends purrs!


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