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07/02/2014 / katnewman

My tribute to my fur baby, Harrison

It’s been a while since I blogged about Harry. It’s not been an easy time.

His age and diabetes have really been working against him, his kidneys gradually went on the decline which we managed with antibiotics whilst he was still happy enough to carry on. We unfortunately made the decision that his quality of life had degenerated to such an extent that he couldn’t carry on, and he passed over to rainbow bridge with the help of our lovely vet, Malcom, on…

I had Harry since he was 11 weeks old. I got him for my girl cat, Lulu who was lonely after having been separated from her buddy after my divorce in 2000. He was so naughty! You could almost ‘feel’ the mischievous air about him.

After the expected rocky start, Harry and Lulu (yes, Harry Enfield reference!) got on famously. Chasing each other round the house, lying in wait for each other at the bottom of the stairs, and curling up together in the strangest places for sleeps. Harry also enjoyed hiding between the two piles of pillows on the bed and shooting out to startle Lulu or myself if we went past the bed – he was still teeny so he could back then!

He was also incredibly nosy, and he loved boxes. I remember hearing clunking sounds and looking up to see him struggling down the stairs having got his nosy little head stuck inside a square tissue box!

Where Lulu was quite selective and aloof, Harry was an absolute little darling with affection. He was my teddybear. I have memories of him lying on my front with his front paws wrapped around my neck when I was sick once, and he loved to sleep on my pillow and play with my hair at night. I looked like Marg Simpson most mornings, with the odd chewed end to boot! He read my moods perfectly, he was the perfect companion. I remember one dark dark evening when a letter had arrived saying that the mortgage had gone up for the 8th month in a row, I was divorced, single, broke and very alone – as I cried into my hands, little Harry came up and put a paw on my face as if to say, ‘it’s ok mummy’. Such a beautiful little soul.

We moved house and they had more room to play, and then their new daddy eventually came along and they adored him – although Harry wasn’t too keen on sharing ‘his’ bed with him at first.

We lost Lulu to cancer several years back, and Harry’s personality changed a little, becoming more of the ‘man of the house’ which brought some hilarious times, and we settled in to life as just the three of us, mummy daddy and a very spoiled young man!

It may be foreign for a non-pet owner to think of a pet as a friend, but Harry was truly one of the best buddies I ever had. He didn’t care what I look like, that I haven’t cleaned house or opened the curtains, he was just there for me with cuddles and unconditional love. We’ve been through some tough times over the last 5 years or so in this house, none of which I need to detail here, but his presence and love have been a steady rock to anchor my sinking ship to. He is utterly irreplaceable and I miss him dreadfully.

He will live on in the silly songs my husband makes up about him, and in my heart.
Harry, my teddybear


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