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18/03/2014 / katnewman

Artistic Transparency

Hey guys,

I know, it’s been ages since my last post hasn’t it! Life has been busy, and it’s set to get busier as I’ve signed up for a 3 week expo in June so all hands on deck very very soon!

I also lost my little Harry to kidney failure a few weeks back. Those of you who are following me for the feline diabetes posts will know who Harry is. A little tribute is in the offing at some point, when I am ready to publish it.

So, the motivation for this post today, is a bead I made last Friday. It’s pretty ugly!

It got me thinking, when I first started with the lampworking, I read so many documents and posts about how to conduct yourself ‘online’, much of it made sense, but currently there is one part of it that is making less sense. The posts suggested that you should never admit your failures, your bad beads, experiments that went ugly, or indeed experiments of any sort. Keep it professional, pretend you’ve been doing this forever and are the master of all things Lampwork… Well I’ve decided this is hooey, sorry to those people that wrote that but how else do your customers and followers get to follow your creative journey and really appreciate what work and inspiration and time goes into the finished product? Finding a new style and technique is important to a true artist, as well as being fun!

So for every bead you see, there could be another 10 almost like it – but not quite up to par – in the fugly pot or the bin! Customers and followers aren’t just buying into a piece of glass, they are investing in your creative talent, your art, your personality – and they deserve to see it, warts and all, so that they can really be assured that what they hold in their hands is truly special. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the mass-produced stuff that’s out there and I’m proud of my bodge-ups and my ugly beads!

So, in the interest of illustrating my point, here is a reeeeeeeally bad goddess bead! She may never leave the ugly bin, but a version of her could do, one day!

Have fun creating, whatever it is you create 🙂 and don’t be afraid to fail, as every success is borne of previous failures.



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