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14/04/2014 / katnewman

The beadcube is a teeny tiny little thing!

Its a kiln, that lampworkers use to anneal their beads in. Its kinda the smallest one you can get and after you’ve been lampworking for a bit you soon find yourself wishing for a bigger one. They are more money than I have right now, so that’s not going to happen for a while, for me.

The kiln can be purchased with an awesome handy little rack for stacking your beads on. This is invaluable to me because I often don’t have the patience to wait until the bead has cooled sufficiently that it will not stick to the beads already in the kiln, so I put fresh beads in on the left hand side and move them along to the right when they have cooled enough (I say cool, but to 520 degrees c, not so cool…) One way of getting more beads into the kiln is to not have this rack and to just pile them in together – for me this would result in a big conglomerated lump of glass with a few mandrels poking out, so no good for me!

Also I make glass headpins, little globs of glass on the end of copper wire for stringing other beads onto, and it would be nice to have somewhere to stack more than a handful of those…

Anyone who knows me or who has followed my blogs so far will know that I can be a bit of a ‘jump in with both feet and give it a go’ kind of person, a craft maverick if you will. Rules are for prefects and wussies ;0)

So, the best of both worlds is required. I know, let’s cut one in half!! Or maybe ask Lee at Kilncare to do it…you ask anyone from the lampworking world about Kilncare, their customer service is exemplary, above and beyond and they are jolly nice people to boot! So of course when I asked Lee if he could do this he just went and did it 🙂

So now, in my kiln I have the best of both worlds, a rack for getting the bead back down to non sticking temperature, and half a kiln for stacking them up so I can get more in. Win win!! Of course I will have to remember that the door still needs to shut, lol let’s not go too mad!


You will need to purchase both halves, as I did (I have a half here waiting for a new home, message me for details) so buddy up with someone, but this has meant I can breathe easy for a bit longer until I can afford to upgrade my kiln. Hurrah!


So here I am basking in my own brilliance, I have masses more beads in the kiln than usual, and I’m looking forward to getting them all out tomorrow and…oh yeah… more beads = more cleaning!! Ohhh well, can’t have it all ways!!


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  1. scarletleonard / Apr 23 2014 3:45 pm

    I could do with a half rack in my sc2, not for more beads but so it’s easier to do beads and sculpture in one sitting.

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