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29/05/2014 / katnewman

The chicken, or the egg – or in the case of Lampworking, the bead or the hole!

It’s absolutely true that there is no such thing as a ‘stupid question’, but there are definitely some that make you *cough* in an effort not to let out an involuntary snort. Every craft fair, there’s always somebody who asks ‘how did you get the hole in the bead’? You can pretty much guarantee it. Its a valid question for someone who doesn’t know anything about lampwork, but I’m sure my fellow lampworkers would agree that’s one of the ones that illicit that *cough*!!

I usually titter and give some chicken or the egg scenario, try and explain how the beads are made on a mandrel, the hole ‘just is’ etc etc but never really convinced myself that I had answered to anybody’s satisfaction and it generally ends up sounding like a deep philosophical concept and I’m feeling like a wally because I don’t ‘do’ deep and philosophical, not even after copious amounts of alcohol ;0)

So, before I embark on a 3 week long Bucks Open Studios event I decided to give it some thought, in order to provide a comprehensive answer rather than sounding like I’m beginning a deep and meaningful life journey that resolves around a glass bead.

You see, without the bead, there is no hole. Without the hole, it is not a bead. Without the mandrel that makes the hole, you cannot create a bead. You need a mandrel and a bit of of glass, and they go together like ramalamadingiddydingydong.


Sod it, I will take a video 😉


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