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01/09/2014 / katnewman

A new (to me) technique

And some musings on business practices via social media.

When I started out a few years back, I read as much as I could on how to conduct your business via social media. I was not a fan of Facebook and had only really signed up to keep in touch with family based in other countries. Then when I saw the potential of social media for business I warily embraced Facebook and Twitter and read up as much as I could on how it could serve me best.

My friends list is mainly made up of people I have met through work, some of them now close friends, many of them fellow lampworkers or customers. So apart from a small list of people who get to see my personal news, I like to keep my profile not too personal. Funny then, how my business page starts to feel a lot more personal, as this is where I show my art!

I read in one piece, many moons ago, that one should conduct ones business page as though you’re a seamless organisation. Never admit to mistakes or to show works in progress or new techniques in action. The business should behave as though you are wonder woman and have done everything before and are pro at everything you produce. How boring!! I regularly come back to this notion, especially as I’m posting up new stuff and progress on new techniques I’m learning. I would rather my ‘fans’ see how hard I work and how the glass and creativity take me in different directions and show them all the stops along the way. They can see the ‘birth’ of new designs, its far more personal to them then if they do decide to buy one of my pieces.

I’ve recently been trying the floral implosion technique in soft glass, its been trial and error as you’d expect but here are some of my better pieces – so when I start producing awesome floral paperweights, marbles and pendants, you know this is where I started. Undoubtedly many man hours blood sweat and tears will go by before then!



I would love your take on the social media aspect of this post though, drop me a line if you have something to say!


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