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07/11/2014 / katnewman

A tale of many glass addicts

I held a trunk show on facebook this week, and just for a bit of fun we had a story writing game. Each person wrote 3 words, to follow on from the previous line, to make a story. I know everyone will want to see the finished product so here it is. I think it’s rather lovely!

Once upon a time

Enchanted wizards lived

In a meadow

With sweet flowers

And bumblebees flew

Full with nectar

But darkness loomed

With a foreboding

Around the 4

Wizards magic castles

An evil queen

Whos beauty was

A legend across

Winter grey she

Feasted on lemondrops

And beautiful red

Twissler licorice candy

Until she saw

A naked nymph

In the water

With beautiful flowers

Adorning her hair

Washing and giggling

She frolicked with

Pastel coloured unicorns

And sprite nymphs

But there was

A trickster nearby

With evil plans

To steal lemondrops

And kill the

Evil queens minions

With magic ladybugs

One day a

Sword wielding princess

And her brother

Swore to protect

The woodland nymphs

From dark magic

They were overjoyed

With glorious light

Reflected from the

Light from above

They honoured the

Magical ladybugs, who

Destroyed the minions

With light and laughter

Unfortunately they didn’t

Know that the

Go before they

Would be slaughtered

By evil robots

Under the bridge

On Monday morning

The simulation restarted

Through the wind

With new scenarios

Because evil prevailed

But good was

On the way

In the shape

Of nebulous clouds

Little lady bugs

In wingless flight

Away up high

In the sky

Until their shape

Would clouds make

Gossamer fairie wings

On sweet song

Will never again

Ripple and shimmer

Adorn the sky

With their sweet

Red and black

Sweet spotted beauty

And yet they

Needed no words

Their eyes told

The whole truth

A magical truth

A wonderful truth

For underneath their

Ultimate beauty was

The souls of

Consideration, intelligence and

Compassion, love and

Wiggly puppy dogs

Frolicking helter skelter

As sirens sing

The sweet sound

Of a love

From angels above

With wings golden

And hearts strong

Glow, Air’s delight

My peoples song

But still, witches

The air sings

Dragons sudden transformation

Into a mouse

Ack, not again

Draws unwanted attention

To the enormous

Golden glittery treasure

Hanging from the

Beautiful unicorns horn

Who was adorned

With emerald and

Purple pixie dust

As she pranced

He glowed and sparkled

Like a diamond

I had lost

In the previous

Life I had.

With heavy heart

and tattered wings

I travelled far

Hurt and tattered

Far far away

Over the rainbow

One rainy day

To meadows green

Sky so blue

In that land

Of beautiful beads.


A goddess wondered

Necklace bracelet earrings

Decisions….gift all?

Or to part

With such beautiful

And useful gifts

To friends, family

And those unknown

To us all

I say gift!

While feeling torn



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