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07/11/2014 / katnewman

Poetical glassy addicts too!

We also played a ‘make up limericks’ game on my trunk show, some of them are rather good! Some people displayed limerick Anarchy which is always good to see, nobody needs to colour inside the lines all the time, do they? 😀

There once was a beader from Bucks

Who liked to go feed the ducks

She fell on the floor

But she aint there no more

Cos she went to the bead store!


There once was a total bead addict

Who could not fit in the attic

So she beaded in her room

Just waiting for her groom

And the 3 week honeymoon


There once was a kitty named Horace

Who lived in a deep, dark forest

Who because of her bead habit was the poorest

Until she was accosted by a tourist

And now she sells beads in a tux


There once was a crazy Beady Lady

Who everyone said was quite shady

So she stole from her sister named Sadie

And ran off in her new Mercedes


There once was a lady whose beads

Were feted from London to Leeds

Who did wonderful good deeds

While traipsing through weeds

She found a unicorn to feed


There once was a bead so impressive

The maker became quite obsessive

She gave up on sleep

Round her studio to creep

Quoth: ‘My precious, of you I’m possessive!’


There once was a doggy quite handsome

A burglar snatched him for ransom

An arm he did bite

And then won the fight

When he took off the hand and then some!



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  1. Purple Cobwebs / Nov 7 2014 4:57 pm

    Brilliant! It was great fun taking part.

  2. Monique U / Nov 9 2014 6:03 am

    “…limerick anarchy”… I love it, Kat 🙂

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