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12/02/2015 / katnewman

New designs!!

Huzaaahhhhh, finally I can reveal the fabulous idea I’ve been working on the last few weeks!! As you know, I love kumihimo and am always looking to combine my lampwork with beautiful braids etc.

Its been a while since I brought out my end caps and pixie caps, made especially with an inner ‘step’ so that knots can be tied at the larger end that won’t pull through the smaller end.

This time, the imaginatively titled ‘End Beads’ are born! (If you have a better name for them I’m all ears lol!!)

These are sculpted glass, made on the end of a 5mm mandrel so the hole doesn’t pass all the way through. This way they can be glued on the ends – end beads, you see? šŸ™‚

So, thoroughly tested, I have used them as ends for a torque bracelet and a torque necklace. These were made using 16 strand basic round braid in s-lon, around a hollow rubber lace/tube. When completed, memory wire is fed through the inner tube (in the case of the necklace, very slowly and carefully, using strong pliers) I have some of those scoubidou laces kicking about by craft box still, but you can get this on the internet fairly easily. Then the end beads are glued on.

I also made a lariat necklace using 1mm rattail in an 8 strand round braid and glued the ends on.

Please note that superglue should never new used on glass, so if you buy some of these from me to try, my recommendation is a 2 part epoxy, or E6000.

So, I should show you my pieces shouldn’t I!! I’m so pleased with them šŸ™‚


There are a few designs available in my shop, please visit memenu

And if you do have a go, be sure to come back and show me! Find me on Facebook at and send me a picture!!

Enjoy šŸ™‚


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