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07/03/2015 / katnewman

The fusing diaries – A simple slump

I have the extra small square mould from Warm Glass UK. It’s fairly deep so I am expecting this to not work first time.

Kiln wash – this is my first time with this stuff, its a bit daunting to use, what with all the health warnings and needing to wear big crazy masks so Ive been putting this off for a while! I have the bullseye primer and a haik brush. I’m mixing a bit into a glass jar. When mixed I applied two coats, letting it air dry for 24 hours inbetween each coat but this is just because I’m preparing in advance.

Ok so, d-day. I had prepped a tile previously with some murrini that I had made. I place the tile on the top of the mould and run the basic slumping schedule found on the warm glass site.

Ramp at 167 to 640 and hold for 10 (variable)
Ramp at full to 482 and hold for 60

Not slumped fully, this was expected. Slight creases in the sides where the tile appears to have caught on the sde of the mould. Makes me wonder if it would have all slumped inwards had it had a bit more time.

The kiln wash – I had conflicting information in my head. Need to scrape it all off and reapply, or it will go for a few more fires. Investigated, discovered I should have added 5 layers instead of 2, and that as I didn’t do a full fuse and didn’t go over 7?? It can be reused. So I paint on a few more layers and pop in thr kiln at 260 for 20 mins to dry.

Then I will re slump on the same schedule, but in future I will try holding the first phase of the program for 15 – 20 mins and see where that gets me!

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