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07/03/2015 / katnewman

The fusing diaries – Coasters

So, I’m going to start listing my findings on here from my fusing experiments. Its a long and daunting process, reading up on firing schedules etc and getting your head around prigramming the kiln so this is as much  for me as for anyone else!
Most of my reference has come from Warm Glass UK and help from my friends over at Craft Pimp forum.

So, we start with a basic coaster. Chop up bits of glass, get some frit and murrine and anything else that you want to incorporate. Glue it all on with a suitable glass glue – I used glasstack.

When the glue is dry you can fire it in the kiln.

The schedule I used is

And this was the result.

I had used some kiln paper that was kindly given to me, but it was too coarse hence the uneven back. Also there were some areas not fully melted in, and the dicro across the top was not very visible so I scattered on some frit, and re fired on ? Paper just for the learning experience.


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