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10/08/2016 / katnewman

Long time no blog!

Shall we just gloss over the fact that I’ve neglected my poor blog for over a year? Lol. We’ll just leave that little elephant in the corner of the room shall we 😉

I find the notion of blogging still a little foreign, I’ve never been one for sharing my private life publically but it’s getting easier – and we’re back on the concerted effort trail so here goes! Quick catch-up?

It’s been a bit of a year. We added another puppy to the fur-family at the end of 2015. Her name is Annie.


Bringing up furbabies is hard work and seems to just eat away at your time and energy – I suspect it’s the same for actual 2 legged kids but have no reference LOL. She’s now almost 10 months old and a tiddler at just under 5kg. They have their own facebook fanpage called DexterlovesAnnie so that I can indulge my need to publish all the photos I want without the judgemental crew harping on about me posting too many photos on my feed.


Annie had an emergency-ish spay last week having been in season for 7 weeks and still not right, there was no infection in the bits they took out but there is still an infection in her plumbing somewhere so we’ll be back for antibiotics.

Dexter has become a handsome and loving boy, still nutso, but so good and loving with Annie, they do love to snuggle together, strong bond there.

Lampwork – well my style has evolved quite strongly into seascape beads – getting so big now that I call them seaquariums – and florals. I’m making a concerted effort to build all my own elements to go into the beads and am loving experimenting with different floral cane recipes, and building various different murine and twisties to make different sea elements including jellyfish. Really enjoying this, and have recently added implosions to the list, meaning that a seaquarium now takes a good hour to make!


You can see all my beads on my facebook page but also I have a 48 hour show on Artist’s Spotlight starting at 2pm BST on 11th August so please come along if you can.

So I’ll leave it there for now, more catchup soon!

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