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11/08/2016 / katnewman

Life is busy

A few weeks back I had a knock at the door, to tell me that my elderly neighbour had fallen in the street. She has no family in the country, and her friends are not local and also elderly. Being shy and liking to keep to myself, we’re friendly as neighbours but that’s about it.

Somehow, I and another neighbour (who is a good friend) have ended up taking care of her, popping in to check she’s still upright and to get her bits and bobs of shopping. We’re only human afterall and who wouldn’t? I’d love to think that there’s someone out there who would do this for me or one of my family should I be unable to. We’ve been taking her to appointments and stuff too.

So it turns out that the hip that gave way has no cartilage left, and hasn’t had for over a year – according to the xray she had over a year ago. And yet the doctors have had her on the waiting list for a year for a cortisone injection! She does have a habit of going off topic a lot so I do wonder if the Doctor she’s been seeing has got to the end of her allotted 10 minute appointment without getting to the point, and not actually achieving anything meaningful. So now, the hip is breaking down and she’s on the list for a replacement – nope, not fasttracked to make up for the ineptitudes of the past, but she’s on the list nonetheless!

She’s also waiting for a contact from the falls clinic to come and assess her house – they’ll pull up all her rugs which she won’t appreciate but at least they’ll put in stuff to help her like a second handrail on the stairs.

I’ve replaced her old fashioned telephone with a cordless one – that was a revelation to her – not having to pull herself up off the sofa to hobble to the phone, just having it next to her. All these things we take for granted! And she – despite protests – makes us tasty German potato salad to eat! Provided we remember to pick her up some potatoes that is!

So, what with all this going on and Annie and her long season, operation and now on constant surveillance because she won’t leave her stitches alone, it’s getting a bit busy Chez Newman!

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