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03/10/2017 / katnewman

I’m baaaack!!

Oh man, a year+ has gone by since my last post! Always life gets in the way.

Still looking after the elderly neighbour (2 posts back). She had her hip replacement eventually and then the knee went, so we’re waiting for that now, and as she can barely walk at all now we’re still running errands for her. The leg is bent at a 45 degree inwards as the knee has gone completely, and they tried to prescribe swimming lessons for her. Seriously?! The state of the nhs lately is frightening. We treat our animals better…

I got back into fishkeeping after a long absence – more on that another time but here’s my tropical set up.

I haven’t been on the torch since May, I spent alot of time doing mosaics for the Open Studios season in the summer, but now I’m back to resin which I played with during year 2 of silversmithing school. Fab little stud earrings in bright shapes and colours, loving it!

Just a selection in black there tho lol.

Am also still enjoying pottery and have started on the Christmas list today. Our family is a family of tea addicts so large mugs are always a winner! These are slab built as I have a recurring trapped nerve in the neck and can’t sit at the wheel much these days.

Am hoping that I manage to pick the right glaze to show off the decoration best! I find glazing so hit and miss.

I made this last week to hold all my fishtank ‘stuff’ – nets, tweezers, plant forks etc – and it’s gone through for first fire today so hopefully I’ll be able to glaze it in a couple of weeks. Also slab built and textured with a roller with an untextured area that I’ve decorated with this fish and bubbles design.

Until next time!


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