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03/02/2015 / katnewman

A new furbaby!

You may be wondering where I’ve been recently? No?! Harsh!! I know you missed me really !

Anyway,  as the title suggests there’s a new kid in town and he’s taking all my attention! Meet Dexter, my 8 week old Jack Russel pup 🙂


Ain’t he just the cutest?!

Well yeah, most of the time he is! ! Smells and bitey puppy rage aside 😕

He has settled in fabulously, sleeps through the night with no wining and is so cuddly:)


His favourite toy is currently my sock…


So, I will be back in the studio soon, but I am a little distracted right now!

Getting a new pet after having lost one as special as Harry was a hard decision but as he’s laid in my arms wimpering cos he’s chasing wabbits in his sleep, I know he’s got our hearts wrapped firmly round his little waggy tail 💜

17/01/2015 / katnewman

52 things, week 3

For the kiddies at BOC



And for the Craft Pimp challenge,  my cabochon


13/01/2015 / katnewman

52 things, week 2

As explained in week 1’s post, I am doing 2 52 things challenges. Firstly the beads of courage one – and here’s this week’s minion bead


And here’s this weeks cabochon


Until next week!

10/01/2015 / katnewman

New kiln!

Very exciting news, there’s a new kiln on the block! 😀

My little bead cube, although incredibly reliable and an absolute trouper for 4 years straight,  is just not big enough for me anymore. Now that I’m doing Boro I want to do bigger sculptural pieces and the great thing about this kiln is that I can also go back to the fusing that I used to enjoy so much! Only small things, coasters, wall hangings, trinket dishes and the like but it means that the kiln can be on and fusing on days when I am not at the torch, so it will be paying for itself in no time. Well that’s the spiel I gave hubby 😉 but its true of course, he’s not  that kind of hubby thank goodness.

So how much bigger can it be, you ask? Well, good question.  Much bigger,  is the answer!! I have seen these in person of course but never with a beadcube in the vicinity to compare.  Check this out. .



My gob was proper smacked at the difference! So excited. I gave it a test fire yesterday, different controller to the beadcube so took lots of concentration, but am very excited to get to work on Monday 🙂

08/01/2015 / katnewman

52 Things challenge

I’m taking part in this challenge, with my friends over at Craft Pimp Forum.

The idea is, that you specifically make one thing each week for the challenge, you can theme it to help with your focus and creativity. I’m actually going to do 2 things a week.

The first one will be for the forum, and my theme is cabochons. Ever since the very talented Pru McRae showed the nation how to set cabochons into kumihimo on Jewellery Maker TV I’ve been itching to try this. Unfortunately my bead kiln is very small and realistically I can only make one cab per work session. So that suits the one a week brief fabulously doesn’t it! You may remember Pru tested my lampwork end caps a while back and came up with some stunning designs. Perhaps I’ll send her a cab and we can all wait with baited breath to see what she does with it!

My second ‘thing’ a week is going to be a bead for Beads of Courage. You can find several posts in my blog that relates to this fabulous charity and what they do but in a nutshell, lampworkers make beads to send off to them, and they are given to kiddos with cancer at various stages of their treatment. It feels really good to be able to directly support those that the charity works for and what a great cause. There are lots of great tutorials out there for beads specifically for the boc kids and at the moment they’re going nuts for minions, so this week it’s minion beads! These cannot be made to sell as it would be against copyright law, so the kids would have something truly unique in their long lines of beads!

So here’s my week 1 offerings
First my cabochon

And then my minion – this is Dave 🙂


More next week!!

05/01/2015 / katnewman

Happy New Year to you all!

Hope you all had a good christmas?

Mine was lovely, blissfully peaceful, lots of relaxing and time to just sit and create just for my own amusement.

Today is my official first day back at the torch. It was going to be last Friday but when I got out to the studio there was a bit of a disaster involving my sizzle pot which had cracked and leaked water all over the bench which is covered with an aluminium sheet. Needless to say there was a huge amount of rust and lingering water, and all the rods left on the desk were coated in orange goo. Most of them went in the bin, it took a good couple of hours to clean!

On the bright side,  I have a lovely clean bench with which to start the new year 🙂 With all the different glass systems I’m using these days this is definitely an advantage! Perhaps I will be able to keep it clean, perhaps pigs will fly!!

January is a ‘play’ month for me,  always. I take time out to teach myself a few new things so that my designs evolve. Doesn’t stop me going back ro the old favourites of course but I feel it’s essential to my creative path. It was January 2012 that I taught myself to make goddesses and murrini and those of you who follow me know how well that turned out!

So as I take in a big breath, welcome in the new year and new creative directions I invite you all to join me in trying something new this month. If you do, come and tell me about it I’d love to see!!

12/12/2014 / katnewman

Merry Christmas to my Shedio!

I’ve been wanting a little roof over my shedio door for some time now, to keep the rain out while I have the door propped open.

Recently, I found a great handyman through an old friend of mine who has been over doing all the jobs my husband and I just haven’t had the time to do, its been a revelation! So as well as a lovely wooden hinged box to keep my gas cylinder in, I asked him to pop a little awning over the front.

What I got, was way more than I’d ever imagined and I love it! Shelves for plants and ornaments and a lovely big sturdy porch. And no more stressing over jobs that have been piling up to get done 🙂 So Happy Christmas to us, to the shedio and to all of you!!